Original Letter

4th Sept. 1917.

My Dearest Mary:–

Everyone I meet tells me that I am crazy because I left my good job in Rouen to come here but jusqu’ici I have been comfortable and as content as I shall ever be away from you. The weather is gorgeous and my only cause for discontent is that I cannot be up basking in the glorious sunshine. But where my lines are cast the illumination is supplied by our old friend the bougie and the air is inclined to be stuffy. But I am very comfortable sleep like a top – sans blanket – all night, have three big meals per day and – by wangling – get a good wash twice a day. My work is very light – and simple – so what is there to wish for excepting peace and a quick return to you?

Letters havent arrived yet but perhaps tonight some will come. I want them badly – it is just or almost just a week since I left and in that time pas un mot. I am still addressing your letters to the Pension although by this time you may be on your way to England. I know that I have been very very happy this summer and I realize that I have loads to be thankful for and I am doing a heap of thanking these days. I feel quite differently now than I did before you came to France. Its hard to define this feeling but it is very marked. I shall try and explain it to you one day but I think I could not write it. It’s a thing that to tell I should have to put my head under your arm in the approved “how would it be” style. And so, Dearest, I am going. First I must tell you that I worship you. always have and always will.  With all my love  your own Ross

War Diary

Considerable aircraft activity. One enemy plane brought down in our lines at 4.30 P.M. by our machines. ... Casualties 1 Other Rank.

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  • Location: Piano Dugout
  • Battalion role: Front

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