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8th September, 1917

My Dearest Maidie –

It is a beautiful warm afternoon and our new quarters are so situate[d] that the sunlight streams in all the afternoon and although it is warm, it is altogether acceptable. As I expected I slept like a log last night and was up at 5.45 this morning feeling like a giant refreshed. Clark has gone back to the Transport Lines and Turkey sleeps all day so it is a trifle lonesome. Turk takes the night shift and I the day and nobody is hurt. I am eating too much. I knew it all along and a slight headache over my eye this afternoon makes it certain. But I have a friend in every cookhouse, so I get hot water before every meal, treatment to start this afternoon. The food is good and with the enormous appetite that I am cursed with it is a great temptation to over eat. Breakfast consists of porridge bacon bread and tea, cereal, and supper[s] are also hefty meals. So you see Dear that so far as my stomach is concerned I am very comfortable. I manage to shave also and wash each day  latterly wash twice a day. Isn’t that rather lucky.

I saw Tommy Thompson this morning for a minute or so and had a short talk. He looks just about the same and is going to take charge of a section. Ladler is getting promotion.

I got another letter last night, Dear, and it just set me up for the day. Of course I am busy hoping for another tonight but then I never was satisfied — with letters. It is great that you are having a little stay at Bernay. It will round out your holiday nicely and give you a chance to brush up your French.

I want to tell you, Sweetheart, that I love you to-day, high powered, concentrated love and I want you, want to be with you right this minute, that’s how I need you. I expect to be ‘out’ again in a few days and will try and write you properly. It is rather hard here – there is noise and little time to spare. And there are so many things I want to write you. The Adjutant is going to dinner now and I have to get him to censor this before he goes as the mail leaves in a few days With all my love, Dearest

Your own


War Diary

No hostile shelling. ... The continued fine weather greatly improving the spirits of the men. Some Officers made a further reconnaissance of enemy positions in front of us. Casualties for day – NIL.

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  • Location: Anxious Trench
  • Battalion role: Support

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