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My own Dearest:–

This has been a very very busy day and it is only right at the tail of it that I am getting a chance to write you. You won’t mind, will you, Dearest, if it is a stingy letter? For although I have been prevented from writing you I have had you in my thoughts all the day. I had a good sleep last night and a very sweet dream of you, a natural dream like it is when we are together and in consequence I have been very happy all day.

This afternoon I was out on a young ramble with Bob Goodman. It was quiet in here and he suggested showing me a few places of interest so I begged off and went. It was a lovely afternoon and we had a most interesting excursion. I shall tell you about it to-morrow or the next day. We go out to-morrow for eight days I expect and I shall have a little more time to myself. There was no letter for me last night but I do not expect my letters to arrive daily while you are in Bernay any way — on a ligne secondaire. Of course it gregs me not getting them but I can understand why I don’t and I know that you write every day.

Sweetest of women, I adore you to-day and always. You are my very life Sweetheart and I am overwhelmed at the realization that you love me.

Do you mind if I rush away Dearest? It is almost mail time – I didn’t get back until after six – and I mustn’t miss the mail

with all my love

Your own


War Diary

New Officers reconnoitred the front line under the Scout Officer in the forenoon. Working parties ...with the addition of 55 Other Ranks Casuals and Base employ brought up from Transport Lines for work at night.

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  • Location: Anxious Trench
  • Battalion role: Support

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