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14th September, 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

For instance note the change in ink. The new help has fountain pens various and insists on me trying them – which is nuts and raisins for me because I am tired to death writing with a pencil. At the same time I do not want to own one – too many wrecks – everytime we move “Goodbye a fountain pen”. So I shall carry on and be grateful to the new help.

The Daily Mail here is pas bon here – is a day old when it reaches us and costs five cents. But we get papers daily including the good old ‘Chronicle’ and I revel in the “Office Window”.

Tommy Thompson came over to see me yesterday and we had a jape over a bottle of vin blanc. He tells me that Jennie is in Bournemouth. Also that he is going on leave next month – to see his wife and family. He seemed quite excited about it naturellement. He looks skinnier than ever but husky enough.

I think that our stay her e is limited and I shall be glad to be on the road again. Everything was better up beyond especially the mail service.

Did I tell you that already I have had a new tunic new trousers and new puttees? I transferred the belt holders and I am better dressed than I have been since I first took up with Sam Hughes.

Baby, I’m just going to tell you that I idolise you to-day, and love every bit of you every minute. And life without you is not life at all – its a rotten existence. I have some very disagreeable news to write you but shall keep it until to-morrow (re toto). I must fly, dear. I should love a little kiss

Your own Ross

War Diary

Bathing parades 8.00 A.M. till NOOn. ... Bombing, Wiring and Lewis Gun classes commenced. ... Corps Rifle Team practicing on the range in the Afternoon.

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  • Location: Gouy-Servins
  • Battalion role: Rest

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