Original Letter


14th September 1917

My Dearest Mary:

There was in your letter something that made me feel very badly. It was that you should have thought that I did not miss you or love you. You must know, Dearest, that no matter what happens I love you with all my love, every bit of me loves you, Baby, not just now and then or every little while but every second of my life – with all my life. And as for missing you – well I miss you now more than I ever did before and thats very true. The trouble is that I wanted to write cheerfully or some such silly idea and consequently left out everything that mattered and, Sweetheart, it shall never occur again. I can see that lots of times I am going to be up against it for anything much to write about but I can always write that I love you. It is great, I think, that they wan t you to stay there, and its pretty great for them if you do stay. You know, don’t you, how I feel about it? I think that it would be great – provided you don’t get lonesome and I a m sure that you will be a thousand times more comfortable there than in Angleterre. And besides if I stay up here – which is very probable – I can get leave much easier to Bernay than I could to England. Leave here is divided into three classes – England, Paris, and thirdly to places in France outside of Paris. England is of course the most popular then Paris but its a cynch – if leave keeps open to get in on the third class and I aim to agitate for leave again about December. And that’s whatever.

I am writing Madame Head to-day but probably shall not get my letter away until to-morrow. I have no time that I can call my own – by that I mean that I am always on duty and may have to get up in the middle of the night – or may not. I am not worked hard and have now got another man in to help. And I like the work really I do not do much but God help me if I do not see that it is done.

But, Sweetheart, I could cry sometimes with lonesomeness, it’s fierce and a thousand times a day I have the impulse to apply for recall to Rouen but it wouldn’t be very fair just yet, would it? But here or there Sweetest wife of mine I adore you ever and always I want you, Baby, more every minute.

Your own


War Diary

Bathing parades 8.00 A.M. till NOOn. ... Bombing, Wiring and Lewis Gun classes commenced. ... Corps Rifle Team practicing on the range in the Afternoon.

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  • Location: Gouy-Servins
  • Battalion role: Rest

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