Original Letter


21st September 1917.

My Own Dearest,

I never did tell you that we have acquired a perfectly good Band. They have been playing all evening and I find it most unsettling. I cannot sit still and work or do anything satisfactorily. Just at present they are playing “you made me love you” and that tune makes me think of plenty of little things – you woke me up to do it and others equally incontinent. Too much mustard, I expect Que pense-tu? To-night I have written a letter in French for one of the boys here who spent his leave in France and in the spending fell in love with une belle Francaise. The things that he wanted said taxed my working knowledge of French away beyond the breaking strain and I do not know whether I have told his girl that he loves her or that he is sick at his stomach when he thinks of her.

Me, myself, I am lonesome for you and I want you Sweetheart, more than I ever wanted you before. There is something in me that calls for you all the time. I love you, Dearest, every minute of my time and I want to be with you. To-night I should like to be taken in your arms and be told a little story. I have a good bed time story for you but of course it must keep until I see you again. It’s far better than “why the sea is salt”.

It is strange but it seems so very quiet here and there never seems to be very much to write about. I suppose there is plenty but the bulk of it is verboten. There was the base ball game last night in which I played 1st and Turkey 2nd for the team that was beaten 12–2. It was very exciting – if one ran back a few steps for the ball the chances were good of falling into a trou d’obus – of ancient vintage – and if one missed the ball it was lost in the grass. But we had lots of fun. There are lots of amusing things happen – I haven’t seen anything of the sad side of this business, except the desolated countryside – and I don’t want to. All I want is to have the war end and to be able to go to my own Sweetheart and stay with her for ever and ever. It’s quite a bit to want but I want it hard.

You know I forgot to tell you that I roared over the runaway Sultan and the pigs. It was nothing so very amusing I expect really but the way you told it was funny. It’s a funny habit they have of lugging cochons and veau around in their carts.

Baby, I am going to go to bed now so shall say ‘au revoir à demain. I love you – but I told you that before.

Your own


War Diary

Training 6.45 A.M. to 4.00 P.m. with intervals for meals and rest. Company Base-Ball games after 4.00 P.M. and Band Concert. Battalion shooting teams left for PERNES to take part in the Corps Rifle Meet.

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  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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