Original Letter


23rd Sept., 1917.

My Own Bubby:–

How is every little thing? Outside here, the Band is playing sneaky music and I want to shake my feet. It is a good Band but as I told you before music makes my feet itch, unsettles me. I could never properly enjoy music while sitting still. I must be shifting about. I think I could enjoy this little Band Concert to-night more if you and I were together in a kind of a sort of a canoe – just within earshot of the music. And it wouldn’t matter really about the music. I just want to be with you Honeybud. Music would only be a trimming. I am just wild to-day to be with you and I want to reach out through half of France and grab you. The Band is playing “Blighty” now and is not giving me a thrill. I want my leave in France. My big hope is for leave before or in December and that the war will be over before my leave comes. I shall do all I can to get the leave and I suppose I can safely leave winning the war to the Powers that Be.

I haven’t any news to-day at all. My pack did not turn up. Jimmie Graham put me on a false trail but I haven’t given up hope yet.

I have heard nothing of the dope you mention about Harris transferring or about me going back but they must have some foundation for their yarns. I’m hoping for action of some kind pretty soon.

Dearest, I worship you to-day – do you feel it? It’s just surging up in me and I know that I love you just as much as you love me.

Your own Ross

War Diary

Divine service in forenoon. The Battalion went over the tapes in the afternoon. Major J.L.R. PARRY given permission to wear badges of rank of Lieut. Colonel pending promotion.

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  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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