Original Letter

France. 26th Sept. 1917.

My Dearest Mary:–

As ever was I had two letters this afternoon and great was and is my rejoicing. I have told you that all I look for during the day is your letter, and to-day my impulse was to cheat by shoving the clock ahead, wasn’t it silly, but then, I am silly about you. Last night I was wakened about seventy five times and to-day I am très sleepy. To-night Turkey is going to take the calls and I am going to sleep the sleepy of the just. This new home of ours is just a little draughty and I caught a cold – nothing a numero neuf won’t cure. There is one feature of being in the Orderly Room one gets a little better bed – or rather a better place to lay down Last night Miller and I had a lovely bed.

You haven’t said anything lately about the lonely island in the Seine where seed was never sown. I like to fool myself you know. Are you keeping it as a surprise? Baby. Mine. You are wonderful that is not propos of anything I am just generalising.

To date only two of your letters have been opened by the censor. Now why should they want to read your letters. I mean – why wouldn’t they want to read yours – they are lovely reading and I adore them but why should any one else want to?

Dearest, I just adore you to-day worship you – all I hope for is the speedy arrival of the day when we shall be together again for always. Is it possible that there can be so much happiness in the world? I know there is because I have had a foretaste – only a little stingy taste but enough to know what life will be for us afterwards. Your own Ross.

War Diary

General training carried out until 4.00 P.M. Night working parties of 9 Officers and 560 Other Ranks working in forward area. No Casualties.

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  • Location: Alberta Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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