Original Letter

France 27-9-17.

My Own Dearest:–

I just notice when I write the date that it will be one month to-morrow since I left Rouen. And it seems a long month at that – although I have never been bored or fed up here. Just somehow though, it seems a long time since I last saw you. Clark came back for leave to-day and he says that the people in England think that peace will soon be concluded. I don’t know how much they know but there but there is plenty of peace talk in the papers. But in addition he appears to be getting his needings and I suppose that indirectly, that will hasten the end. I wonder if that sounds pessimistic? It isn’t intended to be and I know that I am not getting pessimistic.

I have seen some sensational stuff but an aeroplane being brought down yesterday gave me thrills beaucoup. It was only a matter of seconds but for the spectator they were full seconds. Sometimes I wanted to see that chap getting away but mostly I was afraid that he would. He didn’t but I was awfully glad to hear that he was only wounded and that his wound wasn’t serious.

My cold is on the wane again. Merci le bon Dieu; last night I felt all in. I think now that all I want in the world is to go to you and stay forever. There is no other place in the world for me but in your arms. I love you, Baby – far more than love you. I adore you and life is wonderful for me because you love me. I should like to creep into your arms. Your own Ross

Operation Order

On the night of the 27/28th September 1917 ... “D” Company, 50th Battalion will relieve 87th Battalion from Left of 46th Battalion to Northern Divisional Boundary. The other three Companies will relieve 54th Battalion in BLUE BULL Camp, ZOUAVE VALLEY.

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War Diary

“D” Company relieved one Company of 78th Battalion in Front Line. Three other Companies relieved 54th Battalion in ZOUAVE VALLEY. Casualties: 4 Other Ranks KILLED IN ACTION. 4 Other Ranks WOUNDED.

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Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen: Rouen:


  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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