Original Letter

France 28th Sept. 1917

My Dearest Maidie:

To-day I had an eye opener as to the speed and despatch with which things are done on Active Service. I went to the Battalion barber to get my hair cut. Just as I reached the place I met McCall who told me that my boots needed half-soling. So I took off my boots and two shoe makers went to work and within 5 minutes of the time my hair cut was completed, my boots were half soled and decorated with four good old rows of hob nails. Isn’t that smart work?

Hows everything with my little Sweetheart tosafternoon – its still afternoon although I have had supper – supper’s at five O.A.S. And I really think that the cause of my indisposition is due solely to eating too much. j’ai le bon appetit – I suppose that’s the wrong gender but you see what I am driving at. But you haven’t told me yet what you are doing – this late afternoon in September. Is it perchance that you are standing amidst the flowers of beautiful Carennetons Cottage looking northwards? That’s not a bad flight for a man who spends 28 hours out of a possible 24 in a dug-out. But always, Dearest, I am trying to picture you down there – catch your expression and hear the clever things that I know you are saying – for you are very very clever my own.

I love you to-day Maidie of my Heart and I want you until my heart almost bursts with wanting. You don’t think that it will be very long do you until we are together pour toujours? Your own Ross

War Diary

Lewis Gun and Rifle Grenade Classes carried on. Remainder of Battalion working in forward area at night. ... 1 Other Rank WOUNDED. Officers and Other Ranks carried out reconnaissance of Front Line system.

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Carentonne-Cottage: Carentonne-Cottage: Carennetons Cottage: Carennetons Cottage: Carentonne: Carentonne:


  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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