Original Letter

France 29•9•17.

My Dearest Maidie:–

I have just discovered what has been making me feel off-colour – its a rollicking old attack of indigestion. I have been really feeling absolutely punk for quite some few days and I attributed it to a cold but this morning I wakened up to the fact that it was indigestion, so all day I’ve been tanking up on hot water – which isn’t so easy to get in the vicinity. Now that I know what the troub. is I don’t worry but for a while – well, I was uncomfortable. You see I have an inordinate appetite and have made no attempt to check it. But from now on I’m not eating in bunches. The mail was not very satisfactory to-day – just a few odds and ends of papers nothing tangible like letters. Some days it is that way but always the good old next day brings its two. Then there is more joy in this dugout than over one sinner. I have just had a dirty jolt The man who loaned me the fountain pen took it away from me. I have managed to borrow one temporarily but after this – well its back to the old stub. Do you love me to-day. Dearest Maidie of all the world,- I’m just weary with yearning for you you Sweetest, I am tired of being away from you, living in dirt and desolation and I want to go to you, gather you into my arms and stay with you forever and ever. That’s what I want – you now and always. I love you Sweetheart love you, love you. Your very own Ross

War Diary

The whole Battalion on working parties by day and night. Lewis Gun and Rifle Grenade classes carried on for two hours in the afternoon. Officers on reconnaissance of Front Line System.

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  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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