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My Dearest Maidie:–

I was properly up with the hens this morning at 4:45 and have never closed an eye since. Of course its only two in the afternoon yet so I might grab a little sleep before the day is finished yet. The world – so much of it as I could see – looked very odd and queer at 4.45 a.m. All around us ordinarily is clay hard baked by the sun and wind  Tos’morning it was just like café au lait, it had rained during the night and it was like porridge. My place is on the steep side of a hill and I almost slid all the way down. It was like coming home to you from Camp when you lived in Hammer. Slipping down the hill was like it. The rats had a beautiful party in our dugout last night. Four of us sleep here. Turkey, Miller, and a Runner – Larry Powers. The ends of the dugout are made of sand bags very old and rotten and the rats tore up and down the ends and loosened pecks of earth. Larry had his bed right against one end and was nearly buried alive. This is the first place we have had any rats and I think that I don’t like them – in fact I am damn sure I don’t. Do you want to know if I love you to-day, Dear? Because I do more than ever, I do believe. Its something big today. This morning I was recalling things that happened when we were together and I wondered how I was ever able to let you out of my arms that night we met in Louviers. I really wanted to hold you forever, you know, why didn’t I. Will you give me a little kiss, please    Your own Ross

War Diary

“B” Coy. relieved “D” Company in the Front Line. Officers carried out reconnaissance of the line. Casualties. 1 O.R. Wounded.

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  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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