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My Dearest Maidie:–

Quite by accident to-day things came to a climax very quickly. The A.A.G. wrote up the odd customary little stock letter requesting my return to the Section this was placed before the C.O. who is LtCol Parry and he sent for me and asked if I wanted to go back. I, of course, had my little speech all prepared but never did get a chance to deliver it. I just commenced “No” – when he cut in and told me the tale. It appears that ever since he had my letter asking to come up last spring he has been working steadily to get me up and intends after I have been here a little while to give me the job of Assistant Adjutant. This is not practicable yet as I have not been here long enough and at present we have slews of Officers. But it is a cut and dried affair. He was really awfully nice about it all and I know now just what is ahead of me. I think probably I could not have joined at a better time than I did but I have had the feeling ever since I came that thing s were working out quite right by themselves. But the letter from the Ack Ack —— hastened things a little

At all that I haven’t it in my heart to be glad for it disperses my favorite vision, that of being with you by perhaps November. For this means probably that I shall not be back there and the next time I see you will be when I go on leave. God speed the jour. I find that the promise of what I am to get seems very small and undesirable compared with the thought of going back to you as scheduled. For that is the one thing, as I see it, Dear, anything that does not result in bringing us together is wasted effort and is scarcely worth while. You cannot imagine how little interest I have in anyone or anything else in the world but you. You are my universe, Maidie mine, and I want nothing but you and I want you badly. You see I love you, Baby, so much that I can’t get so very enthusiastic about anything else. And to-day I have a letter and she hasn’t had a letter and doesn’t know whether I love her for nine days. Dearest, I love you for millions of nine days every day, always.

Your own


War Diary

Weather cloudy and cool... Enemy aircraft over the lines in the evening, dropped bombs and opened M.G. Fire. No casualties.

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  • Location: Blue Bull Camp (Zouave Valley)
  • Battalion role: Front

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