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My Dearest Maidie:–

We are billeted in the odd little town at present. We arrived this afternoon after a march of a few miles in the rottenest kind of weather carrying the fullest kind of kit. I was not very tired although I was glad to get here and get in out of the wet. Do you remember the reinforcements marching in the rain with their ground sheets for a cape. We were all the same as they and you may take it from me that you can get quite wet through a ground sheet. There was a fine little river running down my spine. Our good old Band was right on the job and played Blighty and other bright and cheery selections. Immediately on our arrival we had a stove installed and got dried out and now – since dinner  I feel at peace with all the world but I haven’t had a letter for three days and I’m getting lonesome. I think I never could get used to not getting letters. There isn’t any real excuse for our not getting our mail regularly – but it just doesn’t seem to come. There is no use talking, Bubby. I can never be happy or contented away from you and I don’t want to be. I just want you and you alone. Nobody else even amuses me and I am bored to death when I am away from you  You are my fetish, my idol and I think of you and worship you all the day and all the night. I want you Baby every second, that’s all.

Your own


Operation Order

BATTALION HEADQUARTERS will close in their present location at 12.00 noon 7th inst. and will open at OLHAIN at same hour.

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War Diary

Weather, Dull and showery. ... Battalion moved off at 12.30 p.m. for OLHAIN. Very heavy rain en route.

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  • Location: Olhain
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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