Original Letter

France 8-10-17

My Dearest Maidie:–

I did get one letter to-day and am all set up about it. The letters make all the difference. Without them this can be an existence très drab, but when they do come, why, its a good old world after all. We are at present very comfortable. Did I tell you yesterday that there is a little river just back of our house? It’s a very narrow and not too dirty little river and well wooded and one can be quite unobserved while washing on the edge of it. This afternoon being urgently in need of a bath and suspecting the presence of toto I went down to la belle rivière and had a good old bath and creosoled my clothes well. It pelted rain all the time but that didn’t bother me at all  Now I feel like a new man. I rustled a clean shirt and, of course, had clean socks so I’m really right in town. Taken all around I’ve had a pretty couchy time since I came up here and although I haven’t lived exactly in t he purple I have never had any real hardship. My private opinion is that its a cynch and is much exaggerated. However my dope seems to be good about hitting the long trail in a day or so and I’ll probably get fed then. Baby I love you to distraction and I am just as lonesome for you as I ever was and more so. I keep on pretending as before but it is slim work, isnt it. But everyone seems to be agreed that the end is very near and that it will be over by Christmas. God send it may be as I am sick at heart of being away from you. Why don’t you take me away somewhere, Dear, and keep me and love me – always.Your Own


War Diary

Parades 8.00 A.M. to 12.noon. Afternoon – Route March. Lieut. T.M. TWEED returns from leave.

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petite rivière: little river:


  • Location: Olhain
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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