Original Letter

France 9/10/17.

My Dearest Maidie:–

To-night I got four grand letters – the mail has caught up to me with a vengeance and I am in the seventh Heaven absolutely  It is just great, Dear, you see we have been shifting about so much ever since I came and the mail is more or less uncertain – although when one considers the circ they have a wonderful system. But your four beautiful interesting letters and all in the self same soirée! Why its unprecedented and likewise great! Please thank Madame Head for the little note on the corner (I just rushed that in before I would forget it). Its fine meeting all the family when they are so nice. I just naturally knew that they were all grand folk. They must be if they are kin to Madame Netta and I should love to meet them all. Diane is a lovely name and we must file it for future reference. You know, Dear, its quite all right about that. I just feel exactly the same as you do about it and I was already getting distressed at the thought of you going back to Canada. You see, when you didn’t say any more I didn’t know what to think or know when you didn’t supply any further details. But anyway Dear, its quite all right. I don’t want anyone but you but I do want you – quick and now. I love you Sweetheart and do not want anybody else in the world but you. And I cannot go on waiting and longing for you much longer. I really can you know when I must but every hour is a day while I am away from you. We are away in the morning and I do not know when this will get posted or when I will get the next letter from you but fortified with four good ones I can hold on for a while anyway. It was soft getting the hat wasn’t it? I thought it was in the spring that the young vàche fancy lightly turned to thoughts of love. I really know nothing of K. beyond the fact that he is a sot. Dearest, I am closing now – it is all hours and we are away at an early hour. I love you and I want to crawl into your arms and stay there forever and ever.

Your own


War Diary

25 Officers and 75 N.C.O’s proceeded to Corps Artillery Range for demonstration in “Barrages” returning about 4.30 P.M. Orders received to proceed NORTH. Lieut. T.H. PRESCOTT returns from leave.

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  • Location: Olhain
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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