Original Letter

France 10/10/17.

My Dearest:–

This will only be a very short letter as there isn’t time for more. We are, for a few hours, in a good little village in the very prettiest part of France that I have seen. To-morrow we are off again, helas! I don’t know when I shall be long enough in one place to have mail catch up but I suppose it won’t be so very long. Its kind of great, you know this shifting about. Yesterday I was entranced by the sights I saw – level country rows of beautiful trees and beaucoup canals with the odd horse on the tow path or perhaps a tug pulling them along. Lots of good crops and orchards loaded down with fruit. France is a beautiful country and I think no part of it is prettier than right here – we are billeted and the people are very nice to us and all of us are delighted with everything.

I should like you to see this country one day, Dearest. I love you, Dear, today a lot – ever so much and I want you. I am a little bit tired – not bushed or any thing you know – but just comfortably pleasantly tired and I could love to be babied a little. What are you going to say?

I may not get this posted to-day but I am going to try. Au revoir Dearest s’il possible je vous écrirai demain – is that wrote right?
I must fly now Baby.

Your own


Operation Order

The 50th Battalion will leave in the early morning of the 11th inst. from OLHAIN ... TRANSPORTATION. Will be by Motor Bus. ... The time the Busses will be at the rendezvous is not at present known.

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War Diary

The Inspection of the Brigade by the Army Commander was cancelled on account of rain. Instead all Coys. marched to HOUDAIN and had a bath.

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