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[note at the top of the page with a little arrow pointing from it to “somewhere with Turkey:] Turk is sitting just across from me and I told him I was writing and he thinks it a heluva joke

13th October 1917.

somewhere with Turkey

My Dearest Maidie:–

Behold me in a comfortable little parlour of a tidy French house in a tiny little village somewhere in France. Here we are resting after the strenuous moving of the past few days. It is so long since I have written you that I am ashamed to look you in the face. But, my Dear, I absolutely couldn’t  The places I have slept baffle description and the tiredness and the mud! Yesterday was a very bear but I was far from heart broken when it was over although I must admit that when I heard we were going to rest to-day I didn’t feel the slightest bit sorry. But it rained copiously all forenoon yesterday and was wet as blazes in the afternoon. We hiked from eight to two sans food and then did not get into a billet until 5.30! But the adverse side of this game is where the glamour lies and I enjoyed yesterday more than anything yet  And that’s funny when you come to think of it. But its vrai. And last night Dalrymple, Turkey, Miller and I had a good meal in a little cafe about nine o’clock. It consisted only of eggs sur le plat, bread and butter jam and cafe au lait but I never ate a meal that I enjoyed more. And then afterwards I slept in real bed with white sheets! I got into it about ten and I was asleep before I was in and I never moved or opened an eye until 6.30 this morning. It is now nearly noon and I haven’t done a thing since breakfast but clean up. I have cleaned enough mud off my boots, puttees and harness and rifle to make Illinois jealous. But right now I am resplendent. Boots shined, buttons shined, puttees clean. I have a very swagger pair of riding pants and I think that right now I do not look too dusty.

While I was writing the above there was some good news. There is a big mail just caught up to us and I know there will be three or four letters for me. And Gosh! how I want them. The last few days you know have been tough in one way. For I couldn’t very well pretend that you were with me when I was tramping along the muddy road with a pack and a rifle and the thousand and one other odds and ends carried by the complete soldier which je le suis, could I ? But you were constantly in my thoughts Sweetheart, and I weaved dreams galore. But I can scarcely sit still until I get those letters! It is fine to-day, the sun shines. I am clean and fed. I have just polished of[f] a mess tin of blackberries, sugar and milk. Miller and Turk have been out picking berries all morning. It is Sunday and there is a nice little church close by why not go to it – the two of us. Right now I should like to go to church with you. I could say a glad little prayer this morning – that’s the effect of the impending letters from you. Dearest I shall write you again to-day – after I have had your letters – tomorrow there may be no opportunity of writing. I love you. Dearest with all my love  Your own Ross

Operation Order

Watches will be synchronized at Battalion Orderly Room at 7.00 A.M. ... ROUTE. GUARBECQUE X Rds. S. of HARTE VENT. HARTE VENT, HOULERON, TANNAY, TIENNES, thence to Rd. N. of WALLON CAPPEL, thence to destination via LE HEYL and LES SIX RUES.

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War Diary

Reveille and at 8.00 A.M. marched from GUARBECQUE via HARTE VENT, HOULERON, TANNAY, THIENNES, WALLON-CAPPEL, LE HEY and LES SIX RUES to WALLON-CAPPEL Area, arriving at 2.00 P.M.

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  • Battalion role: Unknown

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