Original Letter

October 13th 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

I got three letters this very afternoon and there is no holding me now – naturally. I want to dance and sing, slap people on the back and do lots of things quite becoming to my frame of mind but most unbecoming to the dignity of my high position. I do feel most uplifted and happy – almost as nearly happy as I can ever be away from you. But right away I must tell you Dearest, that you must not worry about me being out in the rain and hail and sleet and snow. When moving, of course, I must tramp but the weather no matter what it is is never impossible and we are never out in it for so very long and night always finds me somewhere where it is dry. And I always have the dry pants and socks stuck down in the bottom of my pack. And then we are always – the H.Q. – in a fairly decent house and I can generally rustle a hot drink or something extra to eat. So you see I am not to be pitied a little bit. I am always comfortable and I have never been in better health than I am right this minute. I feel like a fighting cock. That one bad week was due only to eating too much and hot water soon fixed that. You know I feel pretty well satisfied since I discovered that I could walk fifteen miles with my load of junk and then not have an ache or a pain

I think that we shall be here tomorrow so I shall have a chance to write again. I don’t know how it will be for getting letters away-but. Do you know that I love you to-day Sweetheart? For I do – I just never do anything else but love you

Your own Ross

Operation Order

Watches will be synchronized at Battalion Orderly Room at 7.00 A.M. ... ROUTE. GUARBECQUE X Rds. S. of HARTE VENT. HARTE VENT, HOULERON, TANNAY, TIENNES, thence to Rd. N. of WALLON CAPPEL, thence to destination via LE HEYL and LES SIX RUES.

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War Diary

Reveille and at 8.00 A.M. marched from GUARBECQUE via HARTE VENT, HOULERON, TANNAY, THIENNES, WALLON-CAPPEL, LE HEY and LES SIX RUES to WALLON-CAPPEL Area, arriving at 2.00 P.M.

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