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My Dearest Maidie:–

Une autre belle journée is upon us and I have a full ten minutes before lunch which I hope will be practically all my own and I am going to use them or spend them rather with you. You Dearest, I am wild about you this morning. I have been very busy and I have had you with me all the morning – pretending, of course – and it has been great. I was up with the birds at 5.45 this matin and flew around and shaved, washed and shined and had breakfast at seven. Ever since then I have been wrestling with crap – interesting crap – not the old cut and dried dope.

The question of who is to go down to Rouen is still undecided and I cannot keep myself from hoping that I shall be elected to go. But I really came for a definite purpose and it is distinctly piking to go back and not accomplish that for which I came. que pensez-vous ?

Miller here has acquired a French grammar and is very busy in the odd minute acquiring French. I expect to get a little knowledge out of it myself – at present I am acting in the capacity of instructor – funny, what?

Leave is going along at a great rate and even in the ordinary course of events I would not have to wait such an awful time but as it is I am going to start the old wangling almost forthwith.

I told you a few seconds ago that I was head over heels in love with you to-day. My Dear, that does not half tell the tale. I love you, I adore you and I want to be with you above all. The thought of being with you soon forever makes life bearable. I am going to lunch now, Sweetheart, and I would like to have a little kiss before I go. Est-il possible? Please!

Your own


War Diary

Inspections by Coy. Commanders and practice of new tactics on Coy. parade grounds. Preparation in afternoon for B.G.C’s marching out inspection. Band proceeded to ARCQUE to give a Concert at Hospital.

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