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My Dearest Maidie:–

This will be quick and hurried this letter as we are once again in the throes of moving – not to-morrow but assuredly the next day and the way trade quickens up when a move is in sight is a bear. I shall have time to write in the morning but it won’t be very much. One day will finish our move though so there will be no great disarrangement this time. I was called away from my letter and it is now two hours later – quite late in the evening even for me. Since coming here I have been getting to bed quite early at night but from now on I shall not have very regular hours. But I fatten on action.

I am afraid that this letter will be even more disconnected than my letters usually are. There is always a lot of chatter and noise in here, people coming in and going out, and I find it almost impossible to write any kind of a letter. You understand, though My Own, the conditions and that I do my little best. Probably when I get into the line again it will not be so busy around H.Q. Funny that, I used to think when I was “in” that there would be plenty of leisure and quiet when I got out – Now I know differently. The quietest time is when we are “in”.

Dearest, I adore you to-day and I want to be with you so much. Would you take me in your arms and baby me a little perchance?

Your own


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