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My Dearest Maidie:–

Never a letter have I written for two days it hasn’t been possible. Our journey is ended now though and I am on the job again. I hadn’t a chance to write you the whiz bangs were in the boxes. To-night I am sleeping in a tent with the Sergeant Major, Turkey and the S.M.’s batman. And we are all thoroughly satisfied to be in a good tent with dry blankets and a tired feeling. Turkey says that we are brooding but we aren’t really. I feel rather disappointed for the Battalion has gone in and left us here. But perhaps it isn’t right to kick over what may be a blessing. We did the bulk of the last leg of our journey in motor busses but not quite enough of it. However I find no trouble hiking and do not mind the odd walk.

There isn’t anything much to do for Turk and me to do here and we have been messing around this afternoon trying to build an Orderly Room. Sand bags and bricks – that’s our material. Bairnsfather might have got every bit of his dope here – the ruined farmhouse and all. [I]t’s a wreck – truly. Anyway we didn’t get it completed and we had to seek shelter from the S.M. And we are not allowed to have a light in the tent so I must cut this short.

Although I haven’t told you so for two days, Dearest, I love you love you love you. And the last two days have been no joy to me because I didn’t tell you. And of course I haven’t had any mail. But the mail clerk says that he may get some tomorrow. Here’s hoping. with all my love Baby your own Ross

Operation Order

On night of 22/23rd instant the 50th Battalion will relieve the 4/5th Y. and L. Battalions. ... Guides for “A” and “B” Coys. will be at ZONNEBECK STATION at 4.30 P.M. Parties for posts will be told off before moving...

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War Diary

Weather showery. Wind West. Ground bad going. ... A reconnaissance of front and completing arrangements for movement to front line. Relief carried out successfully under heavy bombardment. “A” & “B” Coys relieved 5th Yorks & Lancs...

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War Diary

... in right half of frontage and “C” and “D” Coys took over left half from 4th Y.& L. The line very shallow and caved in and night spent in improving and further reconnaissance. Patrols went out one hundred and fifty yards ahead without getting in touch with enemy.

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left us here:


  • Location: Otto Farm
  • Battalion role: Front

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