Original Letter

France. 23•10•17

My Own Dearest:–

I did not get a chance to write you earlier in the day – it is seven o’clock now – owing to weather conditions. The weather is normal but normal in this country is wet. Our good house that we built leaks comme un sieve and all day we have been trying to stop up the chinks. We suceeded eventually just at dark and I lit a candle to write. I had no more than got my light going than one of our walls fell down and I had to quit. It was very jerry-built but I did think that it would have stood up for a day or two. This forenoon we decided to light a brazier to try and dry the place up. We made one all right and wasted the whole forenoon trying to get it to burn. It never has gone yet. We lost our tent this morning and to-night we are living in a farmhouse. You can see a picture of the very house in “Fragments from France” Its neat cosy and picturesque. The RSM had a party working on it all day and when you realise what they had to work with – one wall and a heap of bricks – well you must admit they did something. There are sandbags galore – three walls of them and the roof has everything in it, branches of trees corrugated iron barrel staves pieces of the old family spinning wheel hay wire biscuit tins pieces of tile, old boots and numerous other odds and ends found only on a farm. But it is very comfortable and dry.

The worst feature is the mail – there hasn’t been any since the 19th and I do not think that my letter of yesterday has been mailed yet. I have never been so famished for a letter, Dear, and if to-morrow doesn’t bring a mail – well. I think that I shall call an armistice and go and look for it. I know, of course, that you love me but I want to see it in writing – I mostly want you to tell it to me in my ear but failing that I want to read it in a letter. I love you to-day, My Own Baby, something awful have loved you hard ever since I told you yesterday. I’m just full of it. Everybody is in bed although it is not yet eight o’clock and trying to sleep so I must quit and blow the candle out. With all my love Mary Mine  Your own Ross

Operation Order

WARNING ORDER NO.15. It is proposed to push forward our outpost line on the night of the 23/24th. The new line would be approx 200 yards ahead of the present line... Zero hour will probably be about 11.00 P.M.

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War Diary

“C” and “D” Coys made valuable reconnaissances ... patrol ... fired on from a post fifteen feet away, the enemy was driven back by bombing... 1 man Missing. ... Heavy enemy bombardment throughout the 24 hours, men suffering much from mud and wet.

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  • Location: Otto Farm
  • Battalion role: Front

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