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France – 24/10/17

My Dearest Maidie:–

Everything is a little more reasonable to-day it isn’t raining, the sun is shining and the mud is drying up. This morning we got busy and rebuilt our house its only about seven by five and from what I have learned of Belgian architecture I think that originally a pig pen was where we are now – but there isn’t enough left to prove it. But we fixed it up and put in a fireplace – a very primitive shaky unsubstantial fireplace but one which gives heat. The only drawback is the smoke it steadfastly refuses to go up the chimney and to-night our eyes are red and we both snuffle disagreeably. On the other hand we are dry and warm and that is the great thing.

The problem of who goes back to the Base has not been settled yet but I expect as soon as the Battalion come out there will be action on it. I am not going to think about it until the question is in process of settlement – I don’t dare let myself, that's all.
The worst feature of all is the mail  not a letter have I had since last Saturday and this is Wednesday and that’s too long. I’m just only starving for a letter from you, Dearest, and our mail must be through by to-morrow at the latest – if it doesn’t – well I’m going to be sick and wear an overshoe on one foot.

My Dear, I adore you to-day do you feel a queer sensation as if someone were loving you hard and wanting you a lot? If you do, you’ll know now who it is. Goodnight now, Girl of my Dreams, I’m gone to my good little creosol scented bed

Your own Ross

[This is written in the left margin of the last page:]
My muffler was in my pack but you needn’t bother replacing it, Dear, its not worth while — the war will be over shortly

Operation Order

This cancels all previous orders on this subject. ... two Coys. will be organized and ready to move in fighting order and in any formation on receipt of orders from O.C. TADPOLE or O.C. TALKER from ZERO minus one hour. ...

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War Diary

...steady bombardment of DECLINE COPSE. Our front line system and posts heavily shelled in retaliation. ... DECLINE COPSE was held by enemy. ... Much digging was done but trenches caved in frequently owing to rain and shelling.

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  • Location: Otto Farm
  • Battalion role: Front

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