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29th October 1917

My Own Dearest:

I didn’t write you yesterday – what are you going to say to me? We really arrived early enough to permit me to write – about seven o’clock, but it was colder than the deuce and we were frozen. And our Transport with our junk and the good little stove did not arrive until ever so much later. God bless the Transport for they did bring that little stove and it didn’t take us long to get it up. My intention was to write when I got warm but I was so cold that when I got warm I was so sleepy I could only flop and go to sleep. So there, Baby. I’ve confessed. What are you going to say?

We have been on the rush to-day getting caught up with things and here it is late night with no letter written. We have a cute little house this trip with no windows and today – when it is cold we must keep the door shut and use the old candle. But it is warm and dry and everyone is cheerful. But there was no mail yesterday and today and our mail man hasn’t got moved in yet and I’m lonesome for a letter.

I think that I shan’t write very much to-night. I know that I have lots of things to tell you but I can’t think of them. Its so little and stuffy that it is making me sleepy. Do you mind if I say “goodnight  and go to bed. But first I want to tell you that I love you to-day Dearest, madly and want you every minute, Dearest, how I want you

Your own


War Diary

The Battalion struck the tents and moved from POTIJZE Camp at 9.45 A.M. entraining at YPRES STATION at 10.30 A.M. Detrained at BRANDHOEK STATION and marched to SCOT CAMP arriving at noon. ... Band Concert in evening.

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  • Location: Scot Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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