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30th October, 1917.

My Dearest Maidie:–

Two good letters today and I’m surging with delight – one was opened by the Censor, who pasted on a little slip to the effect that he had opened it but neglected to state whether he had read it or not. But if he had wanted to read something especial he should have opened the other one, which was a bear and not the slightest bit continent but glorious for that very reason. It was great, Dear, and I note that from now on nut is going to be spelled in the orthodox fashion and a wise precaution too. It is still cold and to-morrow we are to bath and receive our winter under wear. The chap in the Police is lucky in being in one place where he can bath regularly but in an infantry crush – skipping hither and yon the bath proposition is a hard one to cope with. Its so long since I have had one that I’ve forgotten how it feels. And as clean clothes are issued at the bath it follows that one gets dirty occasionally. And when everything is smeared up with creosol it looks very untidy. Of course occasionally I get a little one on the side out of the wash basin and I am not so bad as I might be.

We are only going to be here for a day or so and I am very glad as it is a cold camp and we have a dark little house and I have an unsettled feeling due to the fact that this matter of my return to Rouen is still unsettled.

The county about here is very level but unlike the prairie for it is cultivated and there are real houses with people living in them fences, hedges and trees – a fine rest to the eye after the desolation of the past week or so.

Do you know that to-night I am consumed with lonesomeness for you. I just want to be alone, with you somewhere (I have Louviers in mind) where it is quiet and there isn’t any war, where we can live and love. For I need your love your wonderful love and I am burnt up with longing for you. I want to be in that little room with the leather chair, the fire, and you. But I am not fussy about the background, all that I want is you my Sweetheart. And every night in my prayers I pray only for you and the day when we shall be together again. Dearest, I should love to be able to tell you how much I love you to-day – it is a lot anyway but with a dozen people a minute running in and out I find it pretty hard even to write. If I were given two wishes the second one would be to have a quiet place where I could go and write you properly. Good-night, My Own

Your mari


War Diary

Clean up and deficiency parades... Meeting of Company Commanders and special Officers at 5. P.M. and Officer Commanding complimented them on their work in the line. Band concert to men in the evening. REINFORCEMENTS. 68 Other Ranks arrived.

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  • Location: Scot Camp
  • Battalion role: Rest

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