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4th November 1917

My Dearest Maidie: –

Behold my perfectly good second hand pen. Yesterday one of the runners came in broke – and wanted to sell a pen. He admitted candidly that he knew nothing of its capabilities, that he had found it. I wanted it and got reckless and paid him five francs for it, win lose or draw. It doesn’t seem too bad at that does it?

As per schedule the Turk and I went to town yesterday and had a proper bust. We had a good dinner of eggs and chips and coffee and then adjourned to an estaminet where it was warm and comfortable and consumed numerous “bocks” Turk kicking all the while because it was so mild that he couldn’t get any action on it. We got home about seven thirty very sober but quite well satisfied with our holiday. There is a nice little church in our town and I wanted to go in but the soldier Turk wasn’t having any.

Everybody is out to-day and there is comparitive quiet in the barn. After lunch I searched the place from top to bottom for eggs but these hens must be lazy or so well disciplined that they will only lay where they are supposed to. I should love to see one of them in a pot this very minute. Its a great temptation you know. Your mother would be sorely driven to keep her hands off them.

To-day I saw a sample of a souvenir brooch that the Battalion is getting out. It is our cap badge dolled up in a brooch form. I wonder if Madame Grassal would like one. I shall send you one anyway just as soon as they are available about the 25th of this month, I think, and you can let me know about sending the other one. I should like to send her something but I am at a loss to know what to send. But I think that the brooch is neat.

There is not too much doing here to-day and I have had time to look around our farm. There is a little streamlet at the back of the house about three feet across, just the right size for the troops to wash in of a morning. I have a bucket myself which I found in the barn  At the back of the house, against the wall there is a big wheel like a mill wheel. They put the dog in there tread mill fashion. the shaft runs through the wall into the kitchen and they connect it on to the churn or the washing machine. Or any little thing. Its mighty convenient but hard on the dog. They have some dandy horses here and appear to have plenty of everything.

The mail has arrived and I have had a letter, Praise be. But its great to get a letter. I want to stay here for a long time because the mail gets here so regularly. Its no good when there are no letters this Active Service. But when they do come – why I should just as soon be here as anywhere else in the world where you aren’t. And say I am not holding back anything about that possibility of going back to Rouen. Nothing further has been done about it but to-day Major Keegan said that he must do some thing. I had no chance of finding out what he proposed doing but shall probably know to-morrow. Anyway – !

Sweetheart I am loving you to-day very hard – just as always – even if my letter doesn’t get there or if I shouldn’t write. You must know, Dearest, that you have all my love every bit of it and, big as it is, it isn’t half as much as you deserve. Baby I want you every minute

Your own


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  • Location: Caëstre
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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