Original Letter


5th November, 1917.

My Dearest Maidie:–

Encore une autre lettre aujourd’hui – isn’t this the grand place to be entirely – where the mail gets through just as “rigl’lar”. The best thing I could suggest doing would be that we stay right here until I am permitted to go to you. Who knows – qui sait? we may be gone to-morrow. Moving is the best thing we do and as a rule we don’t have long to dread packing up. One evening we are wondering how long we will be here – the next morning we may be well on our way.

To-day when I read your grand letter written on Hallow’een it struck me that I had never said a word about it which is very odd for I was thinking about it pretty hard. Lots of days I think of things and make a mental note to mention it to you when I write but generally when I write there is a bunch around and it is impossible to think or write properly. And I know that my letters must be impossible things. But, that good old Hallowe’en! Like you, every bit of it is as clear in my mind as it was that night – clearer I think for I still remember how very confused everything was in my mind then, and for days afterwards. I wanted to break into a run – this, of course, was afterwards – to yell and sing and whistle all at once. For all the time the thought was surging in my brain “she loves me” and everything else was crowded out. And do you know, Dear, that the same thing prevails to-day? It does, anyway. And I feel just as riotously happy and excited about it now as I did then – and more so.

I should love to see you “attending well to the farm”. You will be a good little farmer when I see you again I’ll bet. I also am acquiring knowledge of farming at a great rate. There’s nothing like sleeping in a barn for showing you the ins and outs of farming. I wish though that I hadn’t lost that verse of Walt Mason’s the advice to the hens. These hens here are good active looking hens but to my mind the chief function of a hen is to lay eggs and these hens don’t lay. I have appealed to them in two languages and made neat inviting looking nests for them in odd corners but they won’t respond.

Nothing was done to-day in connection with my going back. I am not at all certain that there is any intention of sending me back – in view of the outcome of my interview with P. I do not feel like making any suggestions but I expect that I shall be consulted before a decision is made and, I do not know that I could keep from plumping for return. In any event, Dearest, you need not be afraid of my relinquishing my appointment  I have no intention of doing any thing so foolish – and I know quite well, also, that I shall not be asked to.

In the meantime the war wags well on and Fritz doesn’t look from the road to be as nearly beaten as he really is. Just the same there is no doubt in my mind that the end is in sight. The whole things seems just as foolish and insensate to me as it does to you dearest, but I do not think they could quit until the job is finished. And I think they must realise in Fritzland that we never will quit until we have won and it must make him sick well. Anyway, Dear, it will not be long until we are together again. Our star is in the ascendant and this year all things considered – we have been very very lucky. But now it seems only a day or two from the night I met you in “The Silver Sheep” until the 28th – well it wasn’t so very long, was it?

Dearest, I worship you to-day and always. You are the most wonderful girl.

Your own


War Diary

Reveille at 6.00 A.M. and usual training and classes until noon. Afternoon training cancelled ... Brigade was thanked for their services in the recent successful operations in front of PASSCHENDAELE.

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  • Location: CaŽstre
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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