Original Letter

France 9th November 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

I did get three letters today and I’m not half jubilant  Really I have all the luck, you know, having you write me every day as you do. If there are any minor discomforts in connection with this life they do not phase me and I know the reason is that your letters keep me from thinking of them. I can laugh at the worst of them.

One of your letters – in one of your letters you laughed about my efforts at building an Orderly Room. You’d laugh would you? It was enormously funny though and I have often thought of it since. And I am glad now that I builded well for I shall be back there again and that in a matter of two or three days. When you come right down to it this is a good farm and we have been mighty comfortable here. And I shall be very sorry to leave, but then moving is always interesting n’est-ce pas? Only sometimes its a lot more interesting than others.

I love to hear of your daily doings on the ferme and, Dearest, your letters are always interesting and you must not even suggest that they may bore me. They are always bright and witty and cheerful and I know just how you feel when letters do not get through – mine I mean. I just feel the same when yours are held up and it makes me rejoice that you should feel as I do about it. I think Mrs. Bachelor is some kind of a lady and I am busily engaged in watching out for her parcel: I don’t see why you can’t go to her for a little while  Damn the expense! Railway fare isn’t much of an item and a little trip will do you good and will give you a chance to see a piece more of the country. Things are moving quickly in Italy why didn’t you tell me more of what Ruthie heard in Paris? Please do when you get this. That is where they get news first. But it is just as you say it will be finished right here in France.

Dearest, I adore you to-day worship you, thrill to you and thats mild. I just want you every second and it gets bigger every day. I am coming to you before very long even if I have to cheat

Your own Ross

War Diary

Weather Fine. Wind S.W. Training as usual by Coys. and Special Classes. Band played in Camp at Football Match after afternoon parade. Lieut. A.B. HODGES returned from leave.

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Ruthie: Ruth:


  • Location: Caëstre
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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