Original Letter


17th November 1917.

My Dearest Maidie:–

The forenoon will be spent in cleaning up. And just for example you should see me. Unlike the soldat who fights with a gun or bomb my time for cleaning up is before 8.00 ae emma. But I was up at 6.30 and got my tail thoroughly burred. I have got my new pants and puttees on and my shoes shined, had a kind of a sort of a bath and shined and shaved  Right this minute I feel like a citizen. I got the armourer to clean my rifle and a Runner is cleaning my equipment. In the meantime I have had a pretty busy day but I’m taking a half holiday to write to you  Nearly everyone is on parade and I may have a few undisturbed moments

Wasn’t it the luckiest getting letters yesterday. Move days have always been a bug bear in that respect and I haven’t yet got over being tickled and surprised about it. And then one of them especially was such a beautiful letter and such a beautiful unnecessary apology. You Sweetheart, you’re great aren’t you? You['re] a baby. I had a huge laugh last night. There was a pretty generous rum issue and Turk who loves his rum had too much. He was as funny as a crutch. He couldn’t see his eyes were streaming, he could talk but was not at all clear about what he was saying. Finally he had to get into his bed which he did, unassisted. I had one issue about a week ago but its too rich for my blood – drinking it is all the same [as] fighting with scythes. I had mine just before going to bed. I didn’t notice it when I got into bed but when I got up in the morning my head was sore and I was almost staggering. I didn’t have to spend all day wondering what was the cause of it either. So right there I decided that someone else could have mine.

We are very comfortable here in our bit of a hut but it is only for to-day as we move again tomorrow and each day for three or four days. But its going to be good this time mostly by rail and bus. That’s nuts and raisins for the troops that bus and rail stuff. There is no mail yet to-day but I am pulling hard for it and there is time yet for something to turn up. Things are looking good these days and I am sure that very soon we shall have good news. And it cannot be too soon.

Now, Dearest, I am going to leave you for to-day do you mind? But before I go I must tell you that I love you with every bit of love that I am capable of and I just don’t want anything in the world but to be with you.

Your own


Operation Order

The 50th Battalion will move to LA POUPLIER to morrow with Battalion Headquarters at W.7.a.8.8. and billets at W.7 and W.8. Entrainment will be at BRANDHOEK SIDING ... and detrainment at CAESTRE STATION

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War Diary

Cleaning up all morning and preparation for Inspection in afternoon. 2.00 to 4.30 P.M. Inspection of Companies by O.C. of Transport and Bands and Field Kitchens by 2nd in Command and Special Sections by Adjutant.

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  • Location: Toronto Camp
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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