Original Letter


18th Nov. 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

We lit out this morning at six fifteen which involves getting up at five – ooch! We walked a little took the train a lot and walked some more. But we are arrived and in the broth of a place – the shop of a meniusier a huge room with lots of tables – a good floor and a roaring great fireplace and right now it has a roaring fire in it  And it is warm and comfy in our Orderly Room. There was only one accident to-day. This morning in the pitch dark I grabbed my mess tin in the dark and away off I dashed to rustle some breakfast. I took a short cut cross lots and fell in an enormous ditch  Both arms went into solid mud to the elbows – the top of the mess tin was in one hand the bottom in the other and you can imagine the shape they were in. I went back home and washed up and Turkey brought in some extra breakfast. To-night I am horribly sleepy but not very tired. I can carry that old pack now without getting saddle galls. But this big fire is making me into a dose. Will you mind if this is a kind of a punk letter. I only did intend to tell you that I loved you – thats all I really had to tell you thats all I have been thinking about this long long day. You angel of all the world, to-night I just want to be taken in your arms, to tell you a little of how much I love you – then have you tell me that you loved me first and then perhaps I would go to sleep. Until to-morrow, Dearest,

Your own


Operation Order

Breakfast will be at 6.30 A.M. ... Duty Company will detail Train Picquet of 2 N.C.Os and 12 men to report to Entraining Officer (Lieut T.H. PRESCOTT) at BRANDHOEK STATION... Guides will meet the Battalion at CAESTRE STATION.

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War Diary

4.45 A.M. Reveille and marched to BRANDHOEK STATION ... Entrained and at 7.25 A.M. left for CAESTRE, arriving at 9.30 A.M. Marched to our billets in LA PEUPLIER and Battalion accommodated in various farms and houses.

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  • Location: Le Peuplier
  • Battalion role: Unknown

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