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28th Nov. 1917

My Dearest Maidie:–

A whale of a day to-day – two letters and the parcel from Mrs. Bachelor – do you know that I have not her address? Two good letters and Gosh how I dreaded them! Good funny old Maidie, her letters are always funny  Everybody in the “bureau” here roars when I am reading your letters for I always read a little and then laugh a lot. They are always dying to know the joke. Poor devils what fun have they: For they have no one who could write them such glorious letters. For your letters are very glorious funny and always brimming with love. Sweetheart I can’t love you enough, if I could love you twice as much as I do – then I wouldn’t love you half enough. And right now I love you with all my heart and all my soul and all that in me is. Somehow or other today I am gloriously riotously happy. – Your two good letters have done it.

The parcel was a beauty. A grand meat pie, deep, wide and thick – never was such a meat pie  and the trio – temporarily reinforced by the Runner  had a beautiful meal. In addition there was a tin of saucisses in tomato sauce – a wonderful combination – great slabs of chocolate and apples. I have all the luck. Please send me Madames address as soon as you can.

We are threatened with an election in Canada and we are being deluged with dope, advice and appeals. The plot is that Laurier is opposed to Conscription unless the question is submitted to the people  The Union Government claim that this would mean delay and unnecessary bother. Of course as a soldier I am not entitled to an opinion but as a Canadian my opinion is that the people should vote on it. However as Tweedie is running in Calgary it complicates things and confuses the vision a whole lot. Then again when we have thrown in a pound, why should we haggle over a penny. It’s a vexed question, n’est-ce pas?

I went to the Cinema last night and didn’t see anything very interesting  The picture was based on the exploded theory that Heaven would protect the working girl. Although sometimes her plight looked serious everything came right eventually, and I came home with a headache.

It is warm as summer here and it is impossible to realise that it is almost the end of November  In one way it is a treat to be in a town in another it is a curse. For I find it hard to be contented here  When we are in the heart of things it is not so hard for then it doesn’t seem rational – naturally – wanting you to be with me. But here every way I turn I see ten good reasons why we should be together. My bed is no comfort to be [in] and I think that I shall have to come back and sleep on the floor in a blanket. There must be a couple of feathers missing from the pillow.

Yesterday at the mess I foregathered with Tommy Morrison again. We started recalling “When Knights Were Bold” and nearly laughed ourselves sick. It was great but it made me lonesome and I’m still lonesome. For I can still remember as distinctly as anything my sensations while watching the play with you. Very proud of you intensely in love with you, of course, and holding on to myself every minute else I should have hugged you right there  As it was of course I did squeeze your hand occasionally “Oh! Mr Playfair”! Baby you did take me for your own from the first minute I saw you. After first seeing you that time I knew. And now, fool that I am here I am miles from you when I should be with you in your arms. C’est la guerre. With all my love, Dearest.

Your own


War Diary

Weather Fine. Wind W.N.W. Training and Special Classes as usual also Officer’s Class in the afternoon.

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