Original Letter


                        December 3rd 1917


My Own Dearest:–

I got no letter to-day and I am away off colour in consequence – unsettled want to go on leave, want to move, just like that. The two boys are off for the afternoon and everything is reasonably quiet but I do not seem to be able to write or do anything else. Its not just not getting a letter you know its staying still here so long. I don’t want to be in a town any more – its too upsetting. It makes me too homesick Bubby. Living more or less rationally as we do here it makes one very very uneasy. And I am uneasy. I want to pick right up and go to you. You attract me, Dear, far more than duty or England or anything else in the wide wide. Do you want me, Dear. Lets start wanting hard and practically. Lets get into the frame of mind that produced our leave in July. Let’s do something. Lets raise hell! Right. I’ll start to-night – if I can’t get 14 days I’ll take 9 – or eight or any. Well. I’ll do it. I’ll see Major Keegan ce soir.

Now that that is settled I feel better more settled – soothed. Its as cold as the deuce to-day and I am huddling pretty close to the fire waiting for things to develop. They have a fashion of developing quickly about here. Once minute there will be dam all doing the next there is a hurricane. There is no sign of a hurricane at present. All is quiet along the Potomac.

There is just one thing that I should like to find out definitely to-night. And that is if you do love me or not. Now I shall be going to supper in a minute or two and I do not want to go without having this cleared up. Do you really honestly, Dear. I know one thing and that is that I worship you.

            Your own