Original Letter


                        8th December 1917.


My Own Dearest:–

The voting started to-day and right or wrong I’ve done it. I said I would and I did – voted for Borden ­ and I don’t know whether I’ve done right or wrong. But anyway its done and its impossible to change it. And Turkey, who is the local head of the Laurier League has voted for Borden. We have really had lots of fun over it here, barrels of arguments, and now we are anxiously waiting the result. The war has taken second place to the election in the past ten days.

Before I forget it Bowes wanted Geordie’s address. Of course I didn’t know what it was – if I ever did know I’ve forgotten so if you think that she would like to have a letter from him you might send me her address. He seems to be a pretty good Trojan.

That was pretty good, that joke you pulled about the water. Well it’s going to be tough if you have no cold water when I get down there for I just certainly know that I am going to be afflicted that way and I don’t have to go to a mind reader to find it out either. Its mighty fortunate that there isn’t any shortage of water in this neck of woods! Funny that it never worried me until we got out here and I saw a real bed again.

But the big thing is that I have got nothing done about this permission. I broached the subject to the Adjutant and he seemed favourably impressed but it is still awaiting the CO’s approval. I just believe I’ll get it.

There is nothing in the world just like the way I adore you today Maidie of all the world. Every second I want you and I shall always want you hard until I am so old that the skin of a gooseberry will make a night cap for me. With all the love in the world

            votre mari qui t’adore