Original Letter


                        December 13th 1917


My Dearest Maidie:–

Three whoops and a couple of cheers. I’ve just finished reading your perfectly good lovely letter of the 8me Decembre and I know I’m the luckiest man in this war, or in any old war that ever was. Fancy an ordinary sort of guy like myself getting letters from a Sweetheart like you, and such letters too  wonderful letters. People don’t have to come up and tell me that I am lucky. I know it.

And she didn’t do a thing all day but take two little walks and play with the kids! and write some letters. You, Dearest, I adore you and I am wild to be with you, to take little walks with you, to play with the kids with you, to be with you under any circumstances, but to be with you! That’s all I want and when, I ask you, be I going to get it?

You did hum “Every little while” to me but I don’t think that you ever sang the words of it. Anyway they sound nice and new and attractive. But for my purposes the name should be “Every little all the time”. And it doesn’t tell in that chorus half all I want. I want you and that is everything.

Vic Bowes left a Christmas card for me to send to Geordie when I got her address. The address arrived the day after he left or the same day, kind of a sort of a coincidence n’est-ce pas.

The final upshot of the A.A.G. struggle was that they took the appointment of O.R. Clerk away from Clark here and gave it to or probably will give it to Harris. This was the finale. But before this there were a dozen letters from Rouen about it.

Dearest Maidie I’m going to leave you I’m maybe going to a Concert to-night with Tommie Morrison some “French Concert Party. I heard that they got off a good joke once so I am interested. “The principal exports of France are wounded Tommies and Officers gong on leave”. I must see this outfit. I want you to know before I go that I adore you, love you every second.

            Your own Ross


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