Original Letter


                        26th Dec. 1917


My Dearest Mary:–

I did well to dread it. To-day I feel very badly indeed to-day [sic] and I decided that I would not even try to write until I got your letter to fortify me. And then there wasn’t any just to make it worse. So here, I am  Dear, tired weary and repentant – what are you going to say to me? I know that I was quite full because I got up and sang “There comes a night” and I know that every one else was drunk because they applauded. It didn’t break up until nearly two this morning and I feel like it to-day. To-night I shall hit the hay pretty early. Well, I’m through – fini. Its too much of a shock to my nervous system – I’m a wreck to-day. – the Old Stuff, eh?

What did you do yesterday, Dear? Did you get your little pan filled and have the good little odd little drink? Whatever you did I know that every one near you enjoyed themselves. You Darling, you are the great little entertainer, you are the cleverest lady ever.

I am not worthy to-day to love you drunken devil that I am – but I do just the same. I adore you, Sweetheart. I am not going to write any more – my brain won’t work they are recounting experiences all around me. Would you take me in your arms now, Dear, and tell me that you love me even if I did drink too much.

            Your own