Original Letter

France            28th Dec. 1917

My Dearest Red:–            I got a great old surprise today when I got your letter from Paris of the 20th – wasn’t it great your being able to make your connection so well. All honour and kudos to Madame Grasssal for her aid. Its like old times isn’t it? Its great that you were living close enough to Paris to take advantage of Geordies 48 hour leave. And it must be pretty grand to go to a show and to get a shampoo! I can scarcely keep from wanting to be there with you worse than scarcely! I shall be glad to get Geordie’s letter – did you tell her would she get an answer?

I have acquired a pretty good cold and am all muffled up with sweatercoat and muffler – that good muffler is a home for me. Its only about 95° below zero and I am anxious to get into a good warm dugout – which I’ll get my wish to-morrow – at least I’ll get the dugout. Oh Baby, another thing I’ve lost is my nail file. If you have an old broken one that you don’t need – well, of course, I wouldn’t ask for it – but – it would come in handy. I am always on the cadge, Baby aren’t I?

Its loving you hard all day I’ve been, Dearest, in spite of the cold – its a way I have, you know, I don’t just love you in spasms or now and then but always and ever constantly. Of course you know that but I want to tell you anyway. You are sure that you don’t get tired or fed up with me for always telling you Any way I have just got to tell you for it is the big thing in life. It is a big thing love, you know, Dear. Every thing else seems so small in comparison so inconsiderable. It is in my life anyway. Nothing excites me so much as a letter from you and occasionally there is excitement about here too. I love you Dear can’t you feel it. My blood leaps with it and my heart is tired with longing. Au revoir My Own.   Ross


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