Original Letter


                        10th December 1917.


My Dearest Maidie:–

I had the broth of a bath this afternoon and got perfectly well all cleaned up. And I got the nicest underwear that I ever did see – sort of a silk and wool mixture not a bit heavy but as warm as anything. But it’s a poor business bathing tout seul, washing one’s own – finger nails – really you should be here, as you suggested, to wash the principal parts, such as behind my ears and my elbows. And also, with shame I admit it, my toes are hopeless. Inattention is to blame, not another thing in the world – what you will say to me when you see me I don’t know but whatever it is I shall deserve it all.

There is a beautiful rumour afloat in the Battalion ce soir. Some one read in a late French paper that “on mande” from Amsterdam that Germany is willing to give peace. that she will evacuate Belgium and France, restore Alsace-Lorraine, give a huge indemnity and lots of other things if we restore her colonies! The chap must have broken into the snow-box and sniffed every bit of it, the man who wrote that. But any way it’s a nice Christmassy sort of story – a fair class of tale, I think. And then, in addition the capture of Jerusalem shows that we are winning! Anyway it shows that we haven’t slowed up any since the Crusades. I may be superstitious but I had a queer feeling when I read that “we advanced from Bethlehem on Jerusalem”. At that I think that we are on the winning side and that we shan’t have to wait so very long for the answer. The Yanks coming in have decided this question so far as Fritz is concerned. There may be some more heavy fighting before the end but it won’t change it any. Right here and now I feel more confident than I have ever done.

We were looking at Lord Lansdowne’s picture on a cigarette card to-day and after his name was K.G., P.C., R.C.S.I. We deciphered all but the P.C. Turkey guessed two or three times and one was Peace Crank – the others weren’t printable and Turkey got his mouth washed out with ashes.

After my bath I had a few kicks at a football – at least the football hit me on the foot and the legs three or four times and I was on parade this morning – lots of exercise to-day. You know, I believe that I am getting fat – I know that my face is fatter. I must get weighed one day soon.

All this has nothing to do with the fact that I love you to-day more than you – as much as you love me and then some. Why say, Babykins, I just worship you to-day. I’m mad about you that’s all. Just here Bowes came in he’s going on leave to-morrow and he says that if there is anything you want brought back to let him know. So if there is just say so. He seems a fair class of scout. But, Dearest, I just want you to love me a little really you know will you. How would it be?

            Your own Ross