Original Letter

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P.S. Imagine getting a letter written on the 1st on the 5th! Ross


            France, 6th Jan’y. 1918

My Own Mary:–

I had three glorious letters from you last night and although I know that it is not humanly possible to get another in to-nights mail, still I am all keyed up with expectation. For really, energetic, all round fancy hoping I must receive consideration. Those were good letters you wrote me on the 29th, 30th and 1st, Dear, and the morale of the troops is excellent par consequence. So you are at Chantilly – and very sensibly too. Its great, I think and why wouldn’t they be surprised and delighted to see you? Is there anyone with soul so dead that they would not be glad to see you? My letter for the 31st has not arrived yet and there will probably be a barrel of dope in it. For instance Bill’s big news and if George came through on her way to Blighty.

I have made a good start on my book – read for an hour last night after I went to bed for in these our present premises Turk and I have a room – a bed room – for ourselves. And a very good arrangement we find it. It – the book – is most interesting and you could not have sent me anything that I could enjoy more. You Sweetheart.

To-day if you please is Sunday. Although there is nothing about here to suggest it. On Thursday Bobbie asked me what day it was. When I told him he looked aghast and said “Well when was Sunday”! He’s a scream. But one day is the same as another here except when we get biscuits instead of bread.

I know what I have forgotten to tell you – the address of “Land & Water” And I think that it is something like “Old Sergjeants Inn” but I am not sure. And you are an angel to think of sending it to me. You[’re] an angel anyway.

Turk let me sleep until eight this morning and had my breakfast there when he called me. Good old Turk, he’s there four ways.

Do you realize, my young swell that I love you an awful lot to-day? Because if you don’t you just perfectly well should and I am sure that you can’t ever begin to know how much it is. But I have just taken soundings and found the true north and I find that I love you more than – as much as – you love me. So now you know how much it is.

I hope that you have had the very best holiday in the world Sweet, and that you have enjoyed every minute of it.

            With all my love

                        Your own Ross