Original Letter

            February 14th 1918

My Dearest Sweetheart:–

This morning when I got up Miller told me what he considered a pretty good joke. My mess tin – the top part – was left on the floor and in the night a huge rat was sauntering about. He saw my mess tin and – according to Miller – took it for a trap and tried to get caught. He got in it – went around it and walked through the handle and generally enjoyed himself. Miller said that he didn’t intend to tell me before breakfast as he was afraid that it would take my appetite away, but couldn’t resist. Well, I ate a good breakfast – but I washed my dixie. It was a good joke though and I could have enjoyed watching it – especially if it had been someone else’s dixie.

Do you know Pelmanism? Of course you have read the advertisements – 25 Generals – 1500 Majors etc. Well, Miller has got interested and has written for some of their dope. In the meantime we are having barrels of fun over it. You see, he has just – two days ago – received a conduct stripe – which denotes two years service without any detected crime. He says that it is due solely to Pelmanism and has no doubt that the next Pelman advertisement will read – 25 Admirals – 1 good conduct stripe –. Yesterday he asked me if I thought he would look nice in a Rear Admiral’s suit. He’s funny, is Miller. When the three of us are together we really have lots of amusement. When we are in the line it is not so funny as I am alone all day and he is alone all night. But in the morning and at night when he comes on we get together and have the odd joke.

It seems to be much busier than usual this tour for some reason or other and I could wish that it were twice as busy. Every time I look at a calendar I want to start tearing pages off and start turning the hands of the clock around. The thought of facing the next half year gives me a very heavy feeling in the pit of my stomache [sic]. Although I truly believe that the next six months will see an end of this insane war. I think that the Big Effort which the papers talk about is – if it is coming – almost due and there can be no question of a decision being delayed – You can see that I read the “Daily Mail”.

Already I am starting to look out for a letter from you. I am wild to hear from you. Of course I got all your good letters when I got back and they helped a lot but I want to get back quickly to the old footing – a letter every day. I adore you, Dearest, I love you and I want you every minute. I want you all to myself forever and ever and ever. And I shall never be the slightest bit happy until I have you.

            Your own