Original Letter


                        Feby 20th 1918

My Dearest:

Got back last night about twelve or eleven or so and got two of the sweetest letters from you. I was uproariously glad. They were great your letters and so was the little snap shot of you and Babe. I read the letters twice before I fell asleep in my little chicken wire cot in front of a good fire – which lasted until I went to sleep. This morning I was up at seven o’clock which was unnecessary and foolish as I feel as sleepy as a pig still. I never did get much sleep this trip and I am feeling mighty weary. Certainly the next time I go on leave I am going to get you to hide me, Dear because I don’t like being back here alone. I voudrais bien be back with you. Why didn’t you hide me, Dear? I think that I never want to be outside your sight again not for a minute. There is no light in life at all without you.

Do you remember me telling you about putting so much creosol on that I made myself sick? Well we are back in the same place again but only for a day then we go on again – in the right direction.

I saw Holmes this morning for the first time since I went in and he is very unsettled and fed. I know how it is – try as I will I can’t get back into a “God’s will be done” frame of mind. But I may just as well put my mind to it for here I am and the war still goes on.

Miller is funny with his Pelmanism and Turkey now that we are together again is good for the odd wheeze so really things are not so very bad. Its most unusual for me to brood but somehow or other I just can’t be gay. Tell me a story, Maidie – “and so this time she did beat him”! I want to be back in your arms again being loved. I love to be loved and I’m not happy unless I am right there with you listening to you saying you love me.

I am afraid that my letters are very shabby letters any more. They have got to improve – I shall take myself seriously to task in this connection – give myself a series of swift kicks. When we get to our next stop I am going to live with Holmes. He is going to have a room partitioned off in the end of a hut and two beds. Dearest, I adore you today. Do you love me like I like to be loved. You’d better. Your own Ross