Original Letter

            France 21st Feb’y 1918

My Dearest Maidie:–

I am very sick troops to-day – morale very low. While I was in I gave myself a young nick with my razor while shaving. I must have got dirt in it for it did not get better and now the whole side of my face is swelled up. I saw the M.O. last night and he gave me some dope and thinks I’ll pull through. But I could not shave this morning and I feel very disgustful in consequence. But really I feel better to-day than I have for some time. This thing has been working on me, I suppose. Evidently it is getting better for I feel better. It was a dirty place up there and its no wonder I got infected. Its a wonder I am not all broken out in boils.

Another good letter today, Dear. Thats far more than half the battle, you know, your letter. Good old Baby. She writes me lovely, loving letters with quite occasionally the odd bad little allusion to something that happened when I was on leave that cheers me up and gives me the good laugh. We have lashings of things to laugh about, Dear, haven’t we?

I saw a book to-day “Why men Fight”. If it falls into my hands – as it may  I shall send it to you – maybe this chap has discovered the reason. I swear nobody else knows. I hope I can get it. Did you ever read “Pigs is Pigs”. I have salvaged it and shall send it on. Perhaps you haven’t read it and possibly Madame Ruthie might enjoy it.

We do a short move this afternoon – not far – and then we rest for a few days. In my case I could wish to rest right here. We have a roaring fire of charcoal and coke and it is comfortable. But no doubt we will draw some thing better – accommodation gets better as we recede – recede isn’t bad.

Dearest, I adore you to-day, I am mad about and I want you and need you. I am sore because I am away from you and always will be until you take me away from here.            Your own



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