Original Letter

            France, 22nd Feby 1918

My Dearest Sweetheart:–

Behold me in bed – almost a real bed too – doing my best to make a noise like a sick man. For I have a fine bandage around my head and one side of my face is swollen but apart from a very slight headache I don’t feel a bit sick. Charley Holmes fixed up his room as per schedule and very comfortable it is with a tiny stove, two fine boxes for chairs and a table. The beds have not developed yet but in the meantime I have slews of blankets.

This morning the M.O. put some dope on my face and also a bandage and I went to work but after lunch I didn’t feel so very good and decided to take a half holiday. So I slept until five then went for a walk. We are in a very pretty woods – a chateau grounds again  and it is very beautiful. In a day or so when I am well again I shall enjoy this very much and have some good walks.

After my walk I came back to my room and just then Miller came in with my letter. You Darling! She had just got my first letter and it wasn’t a bit satisfactory. I just knew that my letter that none of my letters have been satisfactory But I’ve never felt good since I came back and I know that my letters must be curses.

Holmes is done up ever since he came back – has grippe now. He thinks that it is the weather and it may be in his case but with me its nothing else than lonesomeness. I am just awearying for you every last minute, Dearest, and I’m too lonesome to feel good. At the same time I caught a cold at Etaples on my way home that is as much to blame as anything.

I love you, Dear. Last night I dreamed that we were together in some city when suddenly war came. I did not seem to be a soldier and I had a great scheme for getting you away in a boat, but when I had found the boat you were missing. I was in a terrible frenzy. Finally I found you and Sweetheart you were so happy and glad that I forgot all about the destruction that I forgot everything but that we were together and happy. I wakened up then fairly hugging myself and I’ve felt good about it ever since.

It is a good thought having the gosse when I am away. But I am the only gosse you must have when I am there. I refuse to share you with anyone or anything. You love me a lot, I know, but I want and need every bit of your love all for myself.

Turk just came in and he is going to take my letter over. To-morrow I shall go to work and give them a holiday. And to-morrow, if I feel like anything at all I shall write to you a real letter. With all my love, Dearest Your own