Original Letter

            France, 25th Feby, 1918.

My Dearest Own Maidie:–

I didn’t get some letters to-day but I am not a bit downhearted. I feel good and while I wanted a letter – naturally – I’m not going to sob because it didn’t come – instead I’ll have good dreams about two to-morrow.

Last night Holmesy and I talked until all hours – mostly about the war. He surprised me some of his ideas are unusual. For instance, he says that while we may beat Germany she will come out with more territory than she had to start with and that it is just and right that she should (I hope this doesn’t bore you – I’m wondering if it will surprise you or if you have ever heard similar ideas). Because in a domestic way, at least she is fulfilling the laws of God. She is developing her country to the full – governing well and increasing and multiplying. France on the other hand and England in a lesser degree, he argues, are decadent and while the actual present cause they are fighting for may be right, that in the great scheme it is far better that Germany should win. This in despite the fact that he is as hot as ever about the war and most anxious to beat Fritz. He may be right but me I am tired out thinking about it. Anyway we may just as well face it, accept the inevitable, what’s the use? Lets go!

I would a thousand times rather busy my mind thinking of you than wonder what this war is all about. I love you very minute, Dearest, you are great all roads and I can never love you nearly enough. You are the sweetest girl in the world and the only thing you ever did that wasn’t perfectly right was falling in love with me. For I am not nearly good enough for you, Sweetheart, you deserve the best the world has. But anyway no one could love you more than I do. With all my love, Maidie

            Ton Ross