Original Letter

France. March 1st .18

My Own Dearest:–

Just had another good old letter – Gosh ! how I love your letters – and look for them. They are the very best only tonic in life. I roared over your good joke about “The Taking of the Bastille” it was splendid! I read the book too but I’m blowed if I can remember where in blazes they did take it to. Its a cert that they hid it well.

Its just fairish to-day and perhaps we are going to get a little winter after all. Well let it – so long as it does not rain demain. I never can enjoy marching a lot of miles in rain or snow either if you come right down to it. Et puis, c’est tout! Is that spelled right?

Dear Maidie I love you to-day – I generally tell you that later on in the letter but to-day I just had to blurt it out right here I couldn’t hold it any longer. I hope that you will overlook it this once, Dear, although I can’t promise not to let it occur again.

Turkey is going to Paris in the morning! Not on leave but in charge of an escort to bring back one of our men who ‘erred’ while he was there on leave. It is only a short trip he gets in at night and goes out in the morning – but it will be a bit of a change for him. Of course he is going down there on leave later on. I told you, didn’t I, that we are now getting three leaves a day to Paris I mean three vacancies. I mean an allotment of three passes. You know what I mean. Its a great scheme and so many are taking advantage of it that it will bring Blighty leave around much quicker – for those who want it.

The Fifth Division has been broken up – it was in the papers but if you do not see the papers it may be news to you. A lot of them will have to go to work now – more’s the pity.

We had to wash our equipment last night and after nine o’clock this room looked like a Chinese laundry. Four of us each with a bucket and water, soap and a brush. It takes a bit of doing as there are hundreds of fool straps. But we did it. Bobby Forrest did mine! He insisted that I was making a heluva mess of it. Everywhere one looks to-day there is a strap hung up to dry. I expect we’re winning.

Dearest, I love you to-day and I know you love me and I am very, very happy – but dam lonesome. Why didn’t you hide me? You could easily have pushed me in under something ferns or something. Bobbie is standing at my elbow waiting to take my letter. Will you give me a little kiss first

            Your own