Original Letter

[this is scrawled in the top left corner:]

Je t’aime beaucoup. (plus que tu m’aime.)



                        8th March. 1918


My Dearest Maidie:

My promenade à cheval did develop this afternoon and if I had been superstitious I would have had a whole lot of misgivings about it when I started. The saddle that I was to use was away at a different stable from where my horse was so one of the grooms took Charley Holmes horse and went after the said saddle. We waited some time and then a different man [change from ink to pencil here] – (damn the ink plus de l’encre) came back leading Mr Cheval. He told us that the first man had been riding back carrying the saddle when the horse, just to keep his hand in, bucked him off and split his face. I felt very badly as it was for my pleasure he was doing it. Alors, we got ready and just as we were starting the chap who got hurt came along his head a mass of bandages. You never did hear such a hoot as the grooms put up  to them it was the biggest joke in the world. [back to ink here] He wasn’t seriously hurt but he had a nasty cut on his face.

It was a beautiful day and I had a beautiful ride. Of course I can’t write but that didn’t make any difference. All my rivets and plates were loose but I was still enthusiastic when it was time to come home. I have been indoors ever since we came here excepting the jour I played ball and I wanted the outing. At first my horse was amused at my efforts but finally he became disgusted and registered his disapproval with his ears very expressively. It made me uncomfortable but then I was getting uncomfortable anyway. We were out for three hours and I can still sit down so I am well satisfied.

It is one month to-day since I left you in Paris and it has been the longest month I ever lived. You may believe it or not but it was leaving you that made me sick. I have often cut myself shaving before but I never got infected before and the fact that it did this time is altogether due to the fact that I was low spirited and disgusted. And if you want to know it, I intend to keep right on feeling that way until I have you again. For, see you well, I could never be happy away from you and I am quite finished trying to pretend. I loved you long ago, long before you loved me and I have always loved you a lot far more than you loved me – any way just as much. Angel you are glorious and I adore you. You are just the sweetest and best lover ever and I want you close to me always.

            With all my love