Original Letter


                        16th March, 1918.


My Dearest Maidie:–

I had only one letter last night and that one wasn’t from you. Wherefore, j’etais desolé, but then two to-day will more than make up for my disappointment. There was a big Canadian mail and that always means that the real letters get sidetracked for a day.

My letter was from Larry and it was fine – no reproaches – no acrimony just a reasonable kind of a letter such as one shepherd would write to another. He enclosed a picture of one of his boys which I am enclosing. He pays me the compliment of stating that they all think he looks like what I did à son age! Its a cynch people forget as they grow old.

Fred’s body was brought back and buried in Ancaster. They are all dreadfully cut up about his death. Poor old Doc. I wonder where he is now and what he thinks of it all. It looks topsy turvy enough to us here but with the vision one must get beyond it must be a dismal picture. And yet if it weren’t for war its a mighty nice kind of a place this old world. There are lots of nice people and nice places in fact I consider it about the best place ever if the war were shifted out to some other planet. But I can easily see why other people don’t think much of it though, because they aren’t so lucky as I am. However, everyone couldn’t marry the nicest woman in the world. Somebody had to have all the luck and I had it. It makes me feel pretty great and dizzy when I think of the number of men there are in the world and that of them all I was the one you did marry. You are the most wonderful Sweetheart, and I adore you.

Miller has just wakened up and has face is as black as a coon’s. All day I have noticed dust and soot falling from the roof and I have been blowing it off my paper. Miller being asleep was not blowing it off and it has just settled. He is the nice boy, Miller and very amusing but he is developing a vein of sarcasm that I deplore – it being a serious fault of my own.

Do you love me very much to-day Saturday, Dear? I think you had better say that you do, you know for I am in a very dangerous mood and it will be very foolish of you to say that you only love me a little bit Sweetheart. I love you ever so much, I am full of love of you to-day – I radiate it. To-morrow it will be the same and every day forever. But I am very lonesome for you, Dearest and its a long time since I had leave. I am taking you in my arms and saying ‘au revoir’ now – and I’d kiss you – if I only had the chance.

            Your Ross