Original Letter


                        18th March, 1918.


My Dearest Maidie:–

There is a good old wholesome rainstorm on tonight and I am quite content to stay right indoors and enjoy it. Last night I was out until after one – went out at ten o’clock with the Sergeant Major on bicycles and on a fool errand. The country hereabout is fine for wheeling provided one goes down hill but unfortunately w e had to come back and the hills were long and steep. I was a wreck when we eventually got back. I am plenty aware to-day too that I was on a wheel last night.

Kay – a chap who was in Rouen with me  came over to see me to-day. He stuck it down there until Feby this year. I was awfully glad to see him and kept him all forenoon getting the gossip. Mac if you please, has just come up to his unit! One day very soon I shall put on my hat and go forth into the hills and find Mac “I have found you at last” and we two together will proceed to a secluded spot and talk it all over and I shall be amused a lot. I am very fond of MacDonald – he’s a good old wagon. Larry, Kay tells me is the last one left down there of the bunch and that he is very discontented. It was a great surprise to hear that Mac was up here. He came up last year for two months and got back in six weeks cured.

I did not see Bill Mackie again. He was to come back in two days. He didn’t turn up and on the third day we flitted but I shall probably see him soon as we are not very far from each other. Turkey being away gives me very little time to flit about – not that I ever did do much. But Bill told me that he was not immediately threatened with leave so it will probably be some time before you will have to make plans to cope with his leave.

I got Geordie’s parcel to-night and good it was – a sizable box of dates with the odd nut inset, candy and burnt almonds. Miller and I and Harry Lee. Good old Geordie, she has a heart of gold. Miller is leaving the Orderly Room he is persona non grata with the Powers and is – as I say  quitting us cold. I am very sorry for I am very fond of him but he doesn’t seem to get on. When Turk comes back, he goes.

If you will stop holding your ears for a minute, Sweetheart I shall tell you something. I love you to-day. It’s not very much to say but it feels very huge and very fast growing. I can’t tell you how I hate this war Dear, it is absolutely sickening our being forced to waste our lives apart as we are doing. I want you every minute of the day and I think that you like having me with you sometimes and here we are. I want you for always and always and if I once can get you again for always I never shall let you out of my sight again. I don’t care whether you listen to me or not I want you and that’s all – I adore you, Baby.

            Your own




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