Original Letter


                        20th March, 1918


My Own Maidie:–

I didn’t get any letter last night so in desperation I went to watch a foot-ball match which was a tie – more or less pleased thereat because I had five francs on what looked like the losing team. After this, having committed myself to the downward path I walked over to a neighbouring village with Jimmie Graham and polished off a bottle of beer. Then to wind up my carouse I came home and took a big snort of salts and went to bed. For this last act of folly I have no excuse to make unless it was the beer. Anyway I think the best time to take salts is in the morning or better still not at all. This morning I went and had a pretty good bath and now I feel skookum enough but very lonesome and wishful for you. But as that is chronic it is not remarkable. Seeing so many go off to Paris I think is very unsettling. Jimmie Graham is going down in two days and last night he was asking me all sorts of questions about Paris. Naturally every place I could tell him about I had seen with you and it made me frightfully lonesome for you. At the same time I shall never see any more of Paris than I have seen now. During my next stay there I intend that my range of vision shall be bounded by the two windows in cette chambre. There was far too much time wasted in sightseeing last time. I see plenty of sights every day and I only see you twice per annum. I warn you that while I am fully aware of the beauty and grandeur of the various streets parks and buildings in Paris, it will be useless for you to try and get me out to see them. You needn’t coax Baby. I like to humour you but in this matter I am unshakable, adamant.

We are for the road again to-morrow – the wrong way – but I shall write again from here, in the morning. In the meantime I must tell you that you are a glorious, beautiful Sweetheart and that I love you to-day like everything – You angel. I adore you. To be loved by you, Dearest, is the most wonderful thing that could happen on this earth. If the theory that those who have a heavenly time on earth go to hell to make up for it and vice versa  well, I should sweat, that’s all. Au revoir, my own Sweetheart. With all my love

            Your own