Original Letter


                        21st March, 1918


My Dearest Maidie:–

Two letters last night and they were both just absolutely glorious. Truly on reading those letters I must admit that you love me a lot and that realization puts me in the Seventh heaven. Its wonderful Dear, you are wonderful and I love you absolutely to distraction, and I am just ‘craking’ [?] for you always. There is no one, there never has been anyone in the world like you since time began. I wish that I could describe the feelings I enjoyed when I read your letters last night, Dear, and its the same every letter. But it isn’t possible, I just seem to be lifted up and carried away on a wave of love and ecstacy [sic]. There is no exaggeration in that, it isn’t half strong enough. Lord knows I am lonesome but at the same time I am quite sure that I am the happiest man in France, avec raison. For if I am denied the company of I have the love of the grandest girl that ever was.

I am not moving today as expected and do not feel particularly sorry not that I mind the moves they are great but there is always the chance of the mail getting delayed. That is the only real worry I have.

My heart warms to the little bureau and the fire, the red chair and you. How I want to be with you, Sweetheart! I could cure your headache, I know. I could keep you from getting too much sun – there are just heaps of little things I could do to make myself useful, Darling. I adore you.

            Your own